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Glass Splashbacks for your property

Whether you are a Builder, Property Developer, Kitchen Company or just planning to renovate your home, JHH can install Splashbacks at a competitive price. We offer a total commitment to customer service, with a high quality finish and design to meet the individual needs of each client and project. As a modern, sleek and easily cleaned alternative to wall tiles in your kitchen, installing 3-6mm coloured backed glass can be made to suit any application from a small kitchen renovation to a large commercial project. The functional benefit of glass is it’s seamless and groutless finish, with colour options to suite just about any pallet. Providing a splash of colour in the kitchen can completely change the ambience from a cold commercial look to a bright, funky and creative space. Splashbacks are a unique way to add colour not only to your kitchen, but your bathroom, any other room of the house or even your braai and entertainment area. Decorative in that they can add a finishing touch of colour. They are also extremely durable being made from toughened glass .

Why choose a Splashback?

  • Custom made to your specification -A made-to-measure glass splashback will fit the wall perfectly, providing a snug fit and smooth lines.
  • Heat, mould and mildew resistant.
  • Designer looks with a seamless and groutless finish
  • Non porous surface does not stain like grouted tiles
  • Low maintenance -Splashbacks are easy to keep hygienic and clean and wipe down extremely easily.  Unlike tiles which gather mold and grime in the grouting splashbacks provide a smooth surface that repels dirt and muck.
  • Special Features -Splashbacks can be a truly stunning center pieces in the kitchen, bathroom or office depending on your needs. With the addition of additional features such as LED lighting or Photo-based splashbacks.
  • Unlimited range of colours -the choice of colours you can access with a glass splashback is amazing.  Bright reds, black, brilliant white, lime green, pink, purple and blue – all these colours are opened up with the use of glass as the meduim. We are currently using the Plascon & Dulux colour charts for our plain painted glass.
  • Unique Designs -If you don’t feel like going for the normal coloured glass splashback you can commission a unique piece of art with a special design from our glass artist.

Making the right colour choice in advance is critical. Once the glass is coloured and toughened it can not be changed. Click on pictures to enlarge.