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Frameless Showers

Frameless Showers

What’s more appealing in a home than a custom designed walk-in frameless showers? While many love to lounge in the bath, there is nothing more convenient and refreshing than stepping into a sleek custom frameless showers.


We can help if you are looking for space saving shower cubicles or upgrading your existing shower to something a bit more luxurious. We can design a frameless shower enclosure to suit your needs and taste.

There is always an alternative or options in bathroom design. If you don’t just want a frameless shower, you could go for a wet-room option. A wet room is a totally waterproofed room with a bath, multiple shower rose heads and where the floor is fitted with a waste outlet to drain the water away. For a more modest option you might consider  a frameless bath screen if all you have is a bath and would like the convenience of a shower. There is a quick and cost-effective option by fitting a frameless bath screen. All of our bath screens are made from the same toughened safety glass as our frameless shower doors and panels. The glass are fitted to the wall at the end of the bath where your controls and shower rose are located.

Every project, regardless of size, is custom designed and professionally installed to achieve a complete and perfect solution specific to your needs.

We take into consideration the fact that not all builders and tilers can do a proper 90 degree corner or even build or tile 100% level. We will use our vast experience and background to align and cut our glass to fit your application. What this means is that you do not have to experience more cost in replacing tiles or plaster for the perfect look. Each job is unique with its own merits and requirements. We will assess your site and present you with some solutions, recommendations and designs.