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Who Is JHH? | Jacques’ Helping Hand.

JHH was found in January 2004 after realizing the need to help people with their technical constraints. Late in 2004 JHH was put on the back burner due to some head hunting obligations for some large corporate players running into the later part of 2008. It wasn’t till late 2008 that Jacques the owner realized life outside the corporate circle is fee-sable. JHH has been fully operational since late 2008. We are not not  just a one stop solution provider in the bigger scheme of things BUT rather a big brother forever. Our specialized glass side of the business will not only provide you with your quality GLASS needs but also with the space where the glass fits into. If your glass needs a frame JHH can manufacture it for you. If your glass and frame needs a room we can build it for you. If you can visualize it then chances are that JHH can make it happen. We will help you to create that special living space. We will assist you in your quest to create the perfect office space. We will assist you in your factory layout and space design not to mention all the utilities and needs in your factory. We are a strong believer in repair rather than replace.


This small business owned by Jacques is based around customer satisfaction. He had a gripe with the way the bigger organizations treat their customers once deposits are paid. We saw the gap in the market to be a small supplier of quality goods BUT with customer satisfaction as the key driver. JHH are Specialist Glass suppliers and installer of superior quality glass items. We also specializes in living space transformations. All your steel needs can be taken care off with a single phone call. We work in and around the Johannesburg area but service as far as Malawi. JHH cater mainly for the local market in the domestic segment but also do commercial and industrial projects.

We do all our designs in-house but are not limited to it. We can work with your architectural designs. Our glass section use local glass suppliers to manufacture to our specification. JHH cater for the high end luxury market with our frameless glass range. We also cater for the market application of semi framed and framed glass enclosures. Our products do conform to safety standards. We pride ourselves for functionality, aesthetic appeal, ease of operation and reliability. Our powder coating, plating and anodizing is of high quality.

JHH do cater for the Destroy It Yourself market.