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Glass Pool Fencing

Whether you’re looking for more privacy, a wind break or to make your property safer, JHH can assist in creating a high quality Glass pool fencing low maintenance solution that works for you. We are committed to creating elegant, modern and sophisticated frameless glass systems to enhance and add to the superior quality to your home. Glass pool fencing in both semi-frameless or frameless toughened 10mm and 12mm segmented sheets of glass that will stand all weather conditions is a vastly more attractive alternative to the standard metal pool fencing enhancing the pool area and will provide you with an elegant safe barrier around your pool with excellent visibility of your pool at the same time.

Frameless Glass Pool Freestanding Fencing provides an almost invisible look with no vertical posts used between the panels of glass and the construction of the fence allows light in while acting as a wind barrier, it is an alternative to steel pool fences or Semi-Frameless or Framed pool fences. Semi-Framed Glass Fences are supported buy aluminium or stainless steel posts and latches. Framed Glass Fences are in closed in Stainless steel or aluminium frames. JHH will assist in creating fencing designs that reflect your style and personality.All our work is customised and shaped to any ground surface or swimming pool contour meeting the requirements of each individual client and project.