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Windbreak & Privacy Screen

A Windbreak & Privacy Screen is it the perfect solution for windswept outdoor spaces providing an excellent windbreak without disrupting your view or if you want to enhance your privacy by preventing the neighbours from being able to look into your property or … not to infringe on your neighbours privacy.

We have the solution for you – Install a Windbreak or Privacy Screen.

Windbreak & Privacy screens are usually around 1.8m in hight and a glass is used that cannot easily be seen trough. Screens are normally constructed using an Aluminium or Stainless Steel Framing system and adding opaque or frosted glass in the form of white translucent laminate or acid etched toughened or special coloured-backed glass.

Frosted or Opaque’s glass most useful attributes is its ability to provide windows and glass doors with a higher level of privacy while still allowing the light in for homes that either face the street or a neighbours property to shield yourself from ‘Peeping Toms’ or a curious neighbour. This is especially useful when it comes to the most private rooms in the house, bedrooms, bathrooms and patios as examples. Due to the extra height of the screens, wind loadings must be taken into account in its design.


  1. Increased privacy
  2. A variety of colours
  3. Frosted/Opaque or Painted Glass
  4. Frameless or semi frameless option
  5. Design Options
  6. Toughened glass with polished edges
  7. Non corrosive
  8. Easy to clean
  9. Assist with keeping wind & noise out while allowing light in

“Windbreak and Privacy screening that looks great and is built to last”