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Wet Rooms

Wet Rooms are a style and design trend that is more popular now than ever before .A Wet Room is essentially a shower area in your bathroom where the floor is contiguous with that of the rest of the room. A slight incline allows the water to escape through a drain in the floor.

The lack of a barrier between the wet room floor and its surroundings allows for a more spacious and comfortable showering experience, because you are not taking up space with a bath tub or a shower enclosure, it allows you to use the space more efficiently. If the room is small it will open it up and it will be more spacious and useful for your daily cleaning ritual.

It is imperative that a Wet room is correctly fitted to ensure the whole room is fully water tight. An extractor fan will need to be fitted in some cases to allow the room to dry out. The floor will need to be raised to about 5 cm to accommodate waste fittings and will need to incorporate a slight slope towards the waste outlet. As a suggestion a wall hung toilet and sinks adds to the spacious feel and frees up floor space making it easier to clean.A glass panel can also be installed to save bathroom fittings from being splashed from the shower and also save one ending up with a wet toilet roll.

Wet rooms are also especially convenient for the elderly and those with mobility issues.